20ml Leather Repair Cream - Advanced Auto & Sofa Filler for Car Seats & Furniture Restoration Kit

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Color: Walnut
Ships From: CHINA
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Auto Advanced Leather Repair Cream


100% Brand New and High Quality! Ideal for alterations, slight wear on small areas, or extensive damage on sofas and car upholstery. Select the color that most closely matches for optimal repair.

For large tears or cracks, repeat the repair process for best results. Surface re-coloring after application may be necessary.

Package Included: 1*20ml Leather Repair Gel


  1. Clean and degrease the surface to be repaired.
  2. Apply the liquid leather with a spatula, spreading it evenly.
  3. Wait for the surface to dry or use a hair dryer.
  4. The repair is complete!

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