ELO Living (Bundle Pack) Replacement Cartridges - Long Life System HF1P+

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Replacement Cartridges for Long Life UF Drinking Water System HF1P+

This bundle comprises of:

Cartridge 1: Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane for Long Life System

  • Cartridge label is Dark Blue in colour
  • Proprietary Membrane technology that blocks out impurities up to 0.01 microns
  • Cartridge lifespan - 24 months, with forward-flush function

Cartridge 2: Activated Carbon

  • Cartridge is Purple in colour
  • Removes bad odour in drinking water and reduces chlorine
  • Cartridge lifespan - 12 months

How Do I Change The Cartridges?

  1. Twist the cartridge to release it from the manifold. Discard the used cartridge.
  2. Install a new cartridge by twisting it to the right and pushing it up against the manifold at the same time.
  3. Turn on the drinking faucet and let water flow through the system for 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, check connections to ensure that there is no water leakage. The system is ready for use upon completion of this action.

Product Name:


1 Set of Replacement Cartridges - For UF Drinking Water System HF1P+ Long Life



241mm (W) x 89mm (D) x 400mm (H)

Flow rate at 4 bar:



Operating water pressure:


1.5 – 4.0 bar (21 – 58 psi)

Feed water pressure limit:


6.9 bar (100 psi)

Operating water temperature:


5 – 38°C

Cartridge lifespan*:


Ultrafiltration filter : 2 years
Carbon filter : 1 year

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