ELO Living (Bundle Pack) Replacement Cartridges - UF4 and CC4

$453 USD


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Replacement cartridges for Alkaline-4 UF and HeavyDuty-4 UF Drinking Water System. 

This bundle pack comprises of:

  • Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane
  • Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge 

Cartridge Feature(s):

  • Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane (light blue label) 

-Proprietary membrane technology that blocks out harmful impurities up to 0.01 microns
-High performance filter that effectively reduces bacteria and cysts

  • Post-Carbon Filter Cartridge (Purple label) 

-Removes bad odour in drinking water
-Reduces chlorine up to 99%  

  • Lifespan of up to 18 months

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