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Mouth Fresher

✅ 30 ml Up to 150+ Spray
✅ Suitable for Men, Women and Children
✅ Compact Design , Easy for Travel
✅ Anti-Bacterial
✅ Patented Ingredients
✅ Mint Favors

👉Patented Ingredients - [ Sodium Guaiazulene Sulfonate ]

extracts of natural plants has excellent anti-inflammatory and mucous membrane repairing effects.It is an anti-inflammatory and repairing product, which can promote the healing of burn wounds, the healing of ulcer wounds and the regeneration of granulation, and has many functions such as heat prevention, radiation prevention and cleft palate prevention.

👉 Fresh Mint Taste, fresh and pleasant breath.

👉Light and delicate, easy to carry, easy to spray at any time

👉feel light and comfortable. Normal Use, more than 150 times available.

👉Ingredients :
Water, Ethanol, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Menthol, Trichlorogalactose, Cetylpyridinium chloride, Chlorhexidine, Citrus limon Extract, Propolis Extract,
Hyaluronic acid, Camelia Sinensis Extract, Chanonilla Recutita Extract, Rosa Rugosa Extract, Sodium Guaiazulene Sulfonate.

👉How to Use :
Hold Straight and point the nozzle to your mouth , apply it by preseeing the nozzle 2 to 3 times. For bad breath user, can increase the number of spray i moderation

👉Note :
1. Product not suitable for Pthological bad breath condition
2. Avoid spray directly to eyes. If accidentally spray to eyes, pleas use clean water to wash.
3. Avoid to leave it from direct sunlight or any high temperature location.


Mouth Fresher

Mouth FresherMouth FresherMouth FresherMouth FresherMouth FresherMouth Fresher


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