SkinMenu Snake Venom Multi-effect Compact Repair Mask ( Anti-Anging )

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SkinMenu Snake Venom

✅ Reduce Skin fine lines
✅ Increase Skin firmness
✅ Increase Delicacy Skin
✅ Increase Skin Hydration
✅ Improve Skin Tone and Brightness

👉 Premium Material
👉 Pure Essence Formula
👉 25ml High Capacity Essense


Main Ingredients in Snake Venom Mask :Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate、Hydrolyzed collagen、Sodium hyaluronate

【 Special Added “SYN®-AKE”,remove wrinkles 】——A New Chapter for Anti Aging

-Age-killing effect particularly effective against expression lines
-Visible deep wrinkle smoothing after only 4 weeks
-Helps your face to relax without losing the ability to express yourself
-When used earlier in time, SYN®️-AKE helps delaying the appearance of wrinkles, with age-freezing effect

In an event of trial,there are cases show that after 28 days , 52% of the wrinkles disappeared 。

【 “2 Majors Luxury Compound” 】——From the inside out,Nourishing your skin Deeply
a. Collagen Peptides
- improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin. "Collagen is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us that plump, youthful look."
b. Sodium hyaluronate
- Dry skin makes fine lines and creases more noticeable. But as sodium hyaluronate hydrates the skin, it improves the appearance of wrinkles. formulas with sodium hyaluronate decreased wrinkle depth and improved elasticity.

【 “Single Facial with Multi Effect” 】- Create smooth and delicate skin

In most cases, 14 days continuously apply the Snake Venom facial bring the below Major Changes :
- Skin fine lines are significantly reduced
- Increase Skin firmness
- Increase Delicacy Skin
- Increase Skin Hydration
- Skin brightness is significantly improved

【“3 Benefits for a good Facial Mask ” 】—— Premium Material, Pure Essence Formula, high capacity
- Premium Material - Tencel membrane cloth with Moderate thickness and lightweight allow breathable with more comfortable.
- Pure Essence Formula - Refreshing and not sticky, gentle nourishment without irritation
- High Capacity - 25ml of essence, Double the effect of full absorption


SkinMenu Snake Venom

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Facial Mask


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